Five Hot spots for shopping in Singapore — an awesome guide for shopping lovers

Five Hot spots for shopping in SingaporeWe all love shopping. Shopping is sometimes considered as nutrition for the soul of ladies. Shopping at Singapore or Dubai has always been a focus for all of us!

If to go shopping was to be a game then it would definitely be categorized as the national one at Singapore.

This small island-nation packs in a larger number of shopping centers per each square mile as compared to some other nation on the planet, meaning that despite the fact that it might just show up as a little red tab on your guide, you would encounter the greatest shopping ends on the planet.

For Instance, if you think you love to shop, you should come to Singapore once in your life. Being a standout amongst the most energetic shopping center points in Asia with many malls, Singapore is a design heaven for those millions of visitors, who come to see the sights as well as to get the most elegant things.

The Best Spots You Must Visit

There are two things that the vast majority of the visitors love to perform in Singapore: i.e. eating and shopping. Here are the main five shopping spots in Singapore you would love to visit:

• China town — street market
• Hajji Lane
• Little India
• Vivo City
• Orchard Road

China Town — Street Market

You could spend an entire day — even a whole week — discovering what Chinatown has in the method for shopping. You would find yourself Immersed entirely in everything Chinese, traditional candles, fine art, as well as clothing to bustling roadside eateries serving up shoddy and delicious delicacies.

Attractions: Try to visit during New Year days. What an amazing site you would get! Colors, delights, happiness and beauty would be merged. Don’t forget to visit the great A Siang Road.

Hajji Lane

Legendary for being one of the narrow lanes in Singapore, Hajji Lane in Kampong Glam offers an unmatched and interesting mix of independent boutiques selling an awesome selection of garments, accessories and even vintage cameras.
This road in the Arab Quarter now emerges as one of the awesome shopping experiences for those who love to shop.
Attractions: Garments, clothing and all brands collection

Little India

With its wealth of radiant hues, interesting sounds and captivating odours, Little India emerges like a tender thumb in a city frequently dismissed as being only an enormous metropolis of high rises and shopping centers.

Attractions: The focal strip beside Sera goon Road is the place you’ll find all the garments stores – to be the least expensive in Singapore, many electronics shops, traditional unique Indian fabric as well as dress stores and chains of appealing curry houses.

Vivo City

Singapore is famous for having best shopping centers in Asia and you can’t get any mall bigger than Vivo City.

Attractions: Vivo City is home to Singapore’s biggest cinema, largest toy store, an amphitheater, swimming pool and houses for eaters – it might all the more appropriately be alluded to as a super shopping center given its sheer size and best facilities.

Orchard Road

Hitting the honour to be number 1 in the list, though deserve as well — you would get everything in Orchard Road. You would always get some sort of fair or activities taking place in the centres so you would never get any dull moment.

Attractions: Garments both classic and fashioned, cosmetics, electronics and all utensils.

So, next time whenever you need to have an amazing shopping session, don’t forget to have a trek to Singapore.